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Balanced Nutrition Partners for Warren

Pamela Schiavone is a distance runner. She knows a thing or two about stamina and how to properly fuel your body through supplementation. She and Dr. C work together to educate you on helping yourself heal  with the proper use of nutritional supplements from Standard Process whole food vitamins.

How Toxins Affect Your Health

When you are not  supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best, your body stores up byproducts or toxins, making you feel sluggish and, sometimes, causing you pain.

Eliminating those toxins by turning to good, healthful nutrients can improve tremendously the way you feel. You’ll notice:

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  • Much better mental clarity
  • Less joint pain
  • Less inflammation
  • Fewer headaches
  • Fewer limitations
  • Better energy

Partnering to Further Your Good Health

Dr. C and Pamela work together to coordinate a supplement protocol that’s right for you. They’ll provide consultation-based care, giving you advice on how you can help your own healing through whole food vitamins which are completely bioavailable. They’ll help you understand what works best for you. Along the way, you can take advantage of numerous free screenings to learn more about your nutrient levels.

You’ll first meet with Dr. C, who’ll take your medical history and perform some preliminary tests. Pamela will assist you in completing your intake and start to guide you toward knowing what you’ll need.

Your nutrition care plan will address helpful supplements (Standard Process  & MediHerb).

Isn’t This Just Another Fad?

The plan that Balanced Nutrition Partners will create for you is not like other diet or nutrition programs you may have tried.

This program is:

  • Real world based
  • Backed by a company that’s been around for decades
  • Held to the industry’s top standards
  • Tried and true, well tested

Pamela is available to answer questions whenever the office is open, but she sees patients by appointment only at the Howland location. Call (330) 652-4222 today to schedule your consultation and get yourself in balance.

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Heal your body, lift your spirits, transform your life.