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Our Chiropractic Techniques

Gentle, Effective Chiropractic Care

Warren chiropractor adjusts patient

Adjustments often relieve pain immediately

We get a lot of positive feedback from people – especially those who have never experienced chiropractic before. And, really, anyone can benefit.

“Usually people are surprised that chiropractic adjustments are so gentle and give so much relief, right from the beginning,” Dr. C shares. “I try to talk you through everything before I do it. I explain the technique and let you know the thrust or pulse is coming. I want to make sure you’re comfortable and know that the adjustment won’t hurt at all.”

Bringing Relief Through Adjustments

Dr. C typically adjusts patients using the Diversified Technique. The Diversified Technique is what you think of as traditional chiropractic adjustments. It uses gentle thrusts and really can be adapted for use anywhere on the body.

The Activator Method® relies on an instrument to help deliver low force thrusts. Dr. C is certified in this popular technique. “It’s gentle enough that I treat a lot of children with Activator. I get really good feedback with this technique.”

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Dr. C also uses the Arthostim tool whenever necessary.  Arthrostim is a special adjusting instrument that is designed to make spinal adjustments quicker, easier and more effective. The Arthrostim device is very useful for patients that are especially sensitive to pain, and makes the chiropractor’s job easier as well. It is perfect for use on young and elderly patients, patients suffering from acute pain, people who dislike the popping and cracking sounds associated with spinal adjustments, and patients who are suffering from arthritis. Arthrostim can also improve a chiropractor’s precision and accuracy when making adjustments, so it is very useful for performing adjustments on the extremities.  The Arthrostim device breaks down these single, powerful thrusts into a quick series of gentler thrusts. This allows for more adjustments to be performed in a specific area as it is much gentler on the body. Arthrostim can be used on patients while they are seated or standing, unlike other methods which require patients to lie face down.

Adding Massage Helps Speed Healing

Combining massage with chiropractic helps you hold your adjustment longer. Adjustments optimize the alignment of your bones, while massage optimizes the elasticity of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that hold your bones in place. read more»

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